All-in-One Event Ticketing and Sales Platform

Everything you need to run your next event. Create and sell tickets to your event, scan tickets as people enter, and use the CrowdBlink Point-of-Sale to sell items during the event.

The Easiest Way to Run Your Event.
All in One Place.


One app for your attendees to buy, enter, and interact.

Attendees can use the Patron app to buy tickets, enter your event, add funds to their cashless account, make purchases on-site, and even interact with sponsors. Patron even allows attendees to use the app if they lose internet connectivity. Don't want attendees using an app? No problem, your entire event can be run via NFC or RFID wristbands or even printed tickets as well.


Use Point to scan tickets, as a Point-of-Sale, and more.

The Point app runs on iOS and Android devices as well as most payment terminals you might already have. This one app allows you to run your entire event from either your own, or purpose-built devices. It's your box office, your ticket scanner, your customer service station, Point-of-Sale, and even provides real-time reporting on attendance and sales.


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