The majority of technology providers who you engage do not share the data they collect from your customers.  This is especially true when it comes to event ticketing companies.  Crowdblink believes this is an unfair practice and plan on changing industry expectations.  Even if traditional service providers presented their event patron data, it isn’t of much value because traditional ticketing companies have no way to observe a customer’s spending and engagements once they pass through the door of an event.


With Crowdblink you can collect and analyze rich sales & demographic data from each customer touch point. The Crowdblink Data Analytics Store provides access to real-time data which you can filter by using the built-in tools to drill down by vendor, product, sponsor and pair with the demographic characteristics of age, gender, and geographical origin.


The all-in-one Crowdblink platform enables our clients to obtain precise data starting with the purchase of the event ticket and continuing to what that customer bought, consumed, and engaged with throughout the event.  All sensitive and personal customer data is anonymized automatically to comply with our strict privacy policies and all legislated requirements. Crowdblink’s demographic mapping will substantially increase your sponsorship value, offering sponsors data they have never had access to. Sponsors get an unmatched level of return on their investments into your events by using our platform.