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Sell your tickets, control entry, process payments, and get powerful insights so you can grow your event

CrowdBlink combines an easy-to-use platform with enterprise architecture that powers 1000s of events globally, so you can confidently manage any event:
Beer Festivals
Food Festivals
Wine Festivals
Music Festivals
Sports Events
E-Sport Tournaments
High Profile Events
Night Clubs
Cultural Events
Comic Cons
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Get total flexibility when you sell tickets. Embed CrowdBlink’s ticket form right into your own website, or create a separate page and let CrowdBlink host it for you. Want to sell tickets on-site? Easily run CrowdBlink on mobile devices you already own or by using pay terminals.

Access Control

Improve event security and eliminate ticket fraud with next-gen mobile tickets. CrowdBlink’s mobile ticketing uses dynamic codes to prevent fraud, and can be scanned with your own device. Whatever your event size and crowdflow, get people in-and-out quickly with a single scan of digital or paper tickets or RFID wristbands.

Cashless Payments

Increase sales and service speed at your event with cashless payments. Attendees either preload secure wallets or set up automatic top-ups, and make purchases with a single scan. CrowdBlink’s point-of-sale runs on most devices, and individual vendors can easily configure or make changes to their system and menus if needed.


Tap into powerful insights and grow your event with CrowdBlink’s analytics. Capture data about your attendee demographics, spending habits, and behaviour now, then optimize your next event to increase revenue. Go one step further, and use aggregate data to attract and secure better sponsorship deals for your event. 
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Run your event your way with the world's most flexible platform

Your event is unique, so build a unique experience for your attendees, and empower your event staff with the most effective tools. Choose what you need below, or combine multiple technologies to accommodate your event.

Not Just Bells & Whistles

Get more than an event management platform, but a system built to help events grow and thrive.
Do 8 days of reconciliation in 1 with our automatic ticket and vendor sales tracking.
Secure incredible sponsorships when you have real event data to convince advertisers to back you.
Shave off your labour costs when you implement an easy-to-use platform that your vendors and attendees can self-serve.
Maintain complete control and consistency of your ticketing experience with our flexible options to embed, host, or print tickets.
Make sales even after your event and capture your full customer lifetime value, with CrowdBlink’s ability to order merchandise for later.
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Get support from an expert event team when you deploy CrowdBlink

Always know that you are supported by the best in the industry. Each member of our deployment team helps organize 100s of events every year, and we have extensive experience running some of the most complex events in the world. Tap into the deep knowledge of a world-class events team when you partner with CrowdBlink.

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Get back more than you spend on event technology

Your event technology budget doesn’t have to break the bank — event organizers get competitive pricing with CrowdBlink, and and all-in-one solution designed to give you ROI. Get in touch with us to get a quote tailored to your event.

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