COVID-19 screening and assessments for events

As we return to live events, organizers face unique challenges, elevated safety requirements, as well as the need to screen event attendees for COVID-19. How do you run a safe event and put in measures to get approval to host your event in the first place? And how do you find new sources of revenue to offset year-long lockdowns?

CrowdBlink's suite of tools helps event organizers return to live safely and profitably.
Proven, Affordable, All-in-one
Since the beginning of the pandemic, CrowdBlink has been helping essential businesses and organizations operate safely by deploying an easy-to-use COVID-19 screening solution, CrowdBlink Protect. Now, CrowdBlink is using the same technology trusted by schools, healthcare organizations, construction, and manufacturing, to help our industry return to live.
One Place To Run Your Entire Event

An All-In-One Platform for Tickets, Payments, Entry, and Safety

CrowdBlink's platform combines all essential event management tools — ticketing, cashless payments, and access control — into a single system, and lets event organizers enable safety features based on their event's unique needs.

Increase Event Safety

Screen Event Staff and Attendees for COVID-19 Symptoms Easily

Make your event safe from day one with features that help you:

✓ Screen event attendees for symptoms of COVID-19 with a proven digital screening solution that has been in use since the summer of 2020.

✓ Simplify physical distancing with advanced access control features that can assign individuals to specific locations and event areas.

✓ Conduct contact tracing at your live event with an access control system that lets you know not only who purchased a ticket, but who actually attended your event.

More Profitable Events

More Ways To Drive Revenue At Your Event

Events make more money with CrowdBlink. Event organizers get an all-in-one platform that helps generate more revenue. With CrowdBlink, you can:

Sell any number of custom ticket types and VIP packages.
Deploy a cashless system that makes it easy to process contactless payments at your event.
Pre-sell tokens and create top-up incentives at the point of ticket purchase to maximize your revenue.
Enable a "snap and shop" feature, letting you sell larger items (e.g.: wine boxes) at your event, then let patrons pick them up later.

Simple, All-Inclusive Pricing

50 cents per event attendee screened
— or —
Free when you use our Ticketing or Cashless Payments.

How much is Ticketing or Cashless Payments?
CrowdBlink's platform costs just 2.9% of what your patrons spend through cashless payments or ticketing.
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CROWDBLINK Covid-19 Screening

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