Affordable, all-in-one event ticketing and cashless payments

Sell tickets to your next event for only 2.9% of your ticket price (minimum $0.50/ticket). CrowdBlink is simple to set up, easy to use, and comes with an all-in-one event management platform at no additional cost.

All The Essential Ticketing Features

Sell event tickets online, or at your event

Embeddable Ticket Widget

Mobile App

Sell Tickets at Your Box Office

Use Your Own Merchant Account

Unlimited Custom Ticket Types

Free use of COVID-19 Screening

Multi-Day Event Tickets

Customizable and Nested Ticketing Fees

Customer Service Tools

Ticket Transfers

Advanced Access Control (GA, VIP)

Advanced Access Control (GA, VIP)

Promo Code and Comp Ticket Management

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All-inclusive platform to help you meet the unique challenges of 2022 and beyond.

When you use CrowdBlink's event ticketing software, you get an all-inclusive event management platform that also helps you increase your event safety, generate more revenue, and implement contactless payments, all for one rate.

That means you also get:
Employee using CrowdBlink Protect to conduct Covid-19 screening and show pass at entry

COVID-19 Screening for Events

The easiest way to ensure that every event attendee is free of COVID-19 symptoms.

✓ Included with CrowdBlink's all-in-one event platform.

Advanced Multi-Zone Access Control

Get patrons into your event quickly using printed tickets, mobile ticket scans, or a combination.

✓ Included with CrowdBlink's all-in-one event platform.

Integrated Cashless Payments for Events

Increase patron spending, eliminate long queues, and simplify your post-event reconciliation with cashless payments.

✓ Included with CrowdBlink's all-in-one event platform.

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Built With Your Event In Mind

40+ million event attendee experiences improved

Music Festivals

Food Festivals

✓ Beer Festivals


✓ Sports Events

✓ Street Fairs

✓ Esports Events

✓ Wine Festivals

✓ Cultural Fairs

✓ Small Functions

Why CrowdBlink?

CrowdBlink is the easiest way to sell tickets, manage access, and run cashless payments from one platform.

Mobile event ticket being scanned for access control - CrowdBlink

Bring Your Own Hardware

Unlike other systems, CrowdBlink allows you to fully deploy your event with ZERO new hardware. You can deploy CrowdBlink with nothing more than the mobile devices you and your staff already have, using the Apple and Android mobile applications. Or, choose to rent hardware for a turn-key experience.

Make more money at your event

CrowdBlink's event software helps event organizers maximize how much their patrons spend on-site. A cashless payment system is included out-of-the-box, meaning you can increase your event's revenue by removing friction.

Event ticketing integrated with cashless payments helping increase event attendee spending on-site - CrowdBlink

Access your ticketing revenue faster

Unlike other ticketing software, CrowdBlink allows you to be the merchant - that means CrowdBlink doesn't hold or freeze your revenue until after your event and sales are immediately sent to your merchant account.

Affordable event ticketing software

Event ticketing and Cashless for only 2.9%

CrowdBlink ticketing only costs 2.9% of your ticket price (*minimum fee of $0.50) and includes ticket scanning, access control, and COVID-19 screening. You can also use our cashless payment system at the same low rate.

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