Increase your event revenue

CrowdBlink is an all-in-one platform that let's you sell tickets, scan people into the event, accept cashless payments on-site, and engage your guests.

We've taken the technology we've deployed at the world's biggest events and made it accessible, lightweight, and affordable.

Ticketing and Access Control

Use CrowdBlink to easily sell tickets to your event or integrate your existing ticketing solution.

Cashless Payments and Point-of-Sale

Everything you need to accept payments at your event. Replace physical tokens and cash with cashless payments to increase spending at your event. Our flexible Point-of-Sale runs on most devices.

Guest and Brand Engagement

Allow exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to share contact information, capture leads, or rate and review products offered.

CrowdBlink Patron for your attendees

The CrowdBlink Patron mobile application lets your guests purchase tickets, scan to enter the event, make purchases, and interact with each other and brands.

You can include additional information like a schedule, list of vendors, and more.

CrowdBlink Point for event staff

A single application to run your event from. Runs on Android and iOS devices, as well as most payment terminals. Truly lightweight deployment.

Point-of-Sale and Access Control

Your staff uses Point to do their job. Depending on the permissions you give users they will be able to process different functions.

  1. Use Point to scan attendees into your event, or internal zones (like VIP). Ensure only the right people get in and eliminate ticket fraud.
  2. Point can also become your Point-of-Sale, staff take orders and then scan the guests' Patron app to process the payment. Average revenue increases of 37%!
  3. Point also provides box office functionality to sell tickets on-site, customer service, lead generation and more!

Event Management and Admin

Point also puts control of your event in your pocket. Keep an eye on what's happening at the event and administer the event in real time.

  1. View sales reports in real-time.
  2. Add or remove users, easily update products and prices, and adapt on the fly.
  3. Vendors can update their own items, prices, staff, and more without you having to change it for them.

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